Our providential product consists of premium quality express services. We take care of your shipments while you concentrate on your daily operations.
Overnight transportation of express courier packages to and from the Far East and India to Europe.
Optimum shipping for the courier companies and integrators.
Last minute shipping of small shipments with availability of 90 minutes without pre-booking.
High-priority loading as courier shipment – No mixing with regular freight.
• Processing takes place in special courier terminals and shipments looked after by separate teams trained in courier procedures.
• Marking of the shipment with specially coloured courier tags and notification of shipment status to all parties involved in the process.
• Efficient custom clearance at arrival with the minimum recovery time.
Fastest deliveries of small shipments to the final destination.
Special care for the important time deliveries.
On-line tracking of each shipment on our website.
Same Day – Express delivery services available within Europe reaching in few hours.
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