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About Us


About Airlogix Solutions Pvt.Ltd.

We are an Authorized Courier Company Recognized By Govt Of India / Commissioner of Customs - New Delhi. Provide services for International Courier, Express Freight and Logistics solutions, specializing in the freight movement between Europe and India, China / Hong Kong and India, Usa and India.

Our hubs in London and New Delhi, along with our close associations with key players in trade, enable us to provide our customers with personalized solutions.

Customized, fast and reliable services at competitive costs are basic principles for all our business partnerships.

Our adventure doesn't stop at courier services. We're also your helping hand in navigating the intricate world of freight forwarding, warehousing services, and supply chain management. With us, you’re not just sending parcels; you’re sending trust and peace of mind. So, whether it's a small packet or a large freight, rest easy knowing AirLogix Solutions has got your back.


Airlogix Solutions Private Limited Passion

"At Airlogix Solutions Private Limited Passion, our passion fuels our commitment to redefine the boundaries of international courier, express freight, and logistics solutions. We are driven by an unwavering enthusiasm to connect the world, seamlessly bridging distances and fostering global collaboration.

Excellence: We strive for excellence in every facet of our operations, from the moment a package is entrusted to us until it reaches its destination. Our dedication to precision and reliability is the cornerstone of our passion for delivering beyond expectations.

Customer Centricity: The heartbeat of our passion lies in the satisfaction of our customers. We are passionate about understanding their unique needs, providing tailored solutions, and exceeding their expectations. Every successful delivery is a testament to our customer-centric approach.

Innovation: Passion drives innovation. We embrace the latest technologies and creative solutions to continuously enhance our services. Our passion for innovation enables us to stay ahead in the dynamic world of logistics, offering our clients cutting-edge and efficient solutions.

Global Impact: We are passionate about making a positive impact on a global scale. By facilitating international trade and connectivity, we contribute to the growth and success of businesses worldwide. Our passion extends beyond borders, making a meaningful difference in the communities we serve.

Resilience: Passion empowers us to navigate challenges with resilience. In the face of logistical complexities, we approach each hurdle with determination and a belief that there is always a solution. Our passion for overcoming obstacles ensures the seamless flow of goods and information across the globe.

Sustainability: We are passionate about sustainability, understanding our responsibility to the environment and future generations. Our commitment to eco-friendly practices reflects our passion for creating a more sustainable and responsible logistics ecosystem.

At Airlogix Solutions Pvt.Ltd. our passion is not just a word; it's a driving force that propels us to new heights. We are not just a logistics provider; we are passionate architects of global connectivity, committed to making a positive and lasting impact on the world."